Case Study

The aim of this work is based on the expansion of the image for BlaBlaCar. The campaign´s main idea is to reinforce secondary brand aspects of ride-sharing , providing an increase in visibility and engagement.

Campaign Name: Did you know

Goal: Increase user engagement and brand fidelity Driving

Insight: Ride-sharing is not only cheaper, but more fun. Enhacing the travelling experience.

The Approach

The campaign allows to point out the benefits of sharing, which might be the biggest challenges for BlaBlaCar.

Sharing is fun, cool, sharing saves money, sharing is green.

Share with people you like, learn, enjoy. The ads encourage potential users to empathise with the benefits of joint travelling, linking the brand with an experience; ultimately increasing conversions.

MECHANICS: Mobile Ads will appear full screen while on Facebook (Social Media Platforms).

The Campaign

Based on the added value of travelling with someone appealing to ´slice of life´ moments.


Following a chromatic line throughout the whole campaign using clouds as a nexus to road trips. Start & end point symbolism leaving the thought frase `during`the trip.

Product Related

BlaBLaCar is not only cheaper but a full experience which is clearly different from other means of transport.

Messages display according to location, ie.

  • Near a Bar = Socialize
  • Near train Station = Learn
  • Cinema = Hump
  • General = Entertain

blabladventures & beyond

Internet users are sedated to company speeches. They will only trust opinions, comments, reviews, etc. from travellers alike. This means user interaction should prevail. By the creation of a travel blog users will be encouraged to post their adventures while travelling with BBC.

Oddities, couples made, new friendships, fun facts, recommendations,etc.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 09.54.01

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 10.26.02

Blog & Instagram empowered by promoting story & picture contests in which prize consist of BlaBla travel packs (lunch boxes, treats) to a free trip fuel reimbursement.

Reinforce the concepts of safe & enjoyable travelling established by BlaBlaCar.




The #blafie concept hashtag (BlaBlaCar + Selfie) creation to promote instagram & other picture networks. Not only becoming a useful SEO tool but to boost the image of fun & social travelling.

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